• London - Brixton
  • Workspace
  • 42,000 sq. ft.
  • Freehold acquisition
  • Acquired 2006

They’re loud, they need a lot of space, and they’re capable of producing amazing things. Pianos and businesses truly do have a lot in common.

At TCN we knew refurbishing the Piano House – an old Victorian, Brixton-based warehouse once used to store musical instruments – into a vibrant, quirky workspace for creative companies simply made smart, commercial sense.

Working with the building’s existing architectural features, TCN looked to build on its unique and rich heritage.

And now – after refurbishing the common areas, developing a café, upgrading ICT and introducing a new restaurant to the basement- there stands a truly inspiring building at the heart of Brixton’s vibrant scene.

The Piano House has achieved 100% occupancy since 2007, and kept rents and lease contracts affordable. The building offers a strong return on cost to the investors through improved net to gross areas, enhanced space, and rental growth. TCN continues to manage the building, ensuring that the community atmosphere we helped to create not only lives on, but thrives.