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Remembering What We Stand For

October 21st, 2020

One of the hardest things I find about the pandemic is the uncertainty of the outcome. I just want to know what’s next and what to do about it! 

Being part of ateammeans more than ever,helping us feel supported, looked out for and givinga sense of purpose and pride.Solet’s remind ourselves of who we are as a collective and what we stand for.  

We value Passionhopefullywe do what we do with a smile, knowing that we are all contributing to our purpose as a business.

We value Courage– the courage to ask questions, try things and debate decisions. All of this in the pursuit of excellence. We respect each other for constantly trying toachieve this as it is not always easy.

We value Challenge– we encourage the confidence to challengeeach other andask why, challenge the status quo, pursue the surprising to bring a smile or a “I didn’t expect that”.If you just follow everyone else you get lost in the crowd.

We valueTeam– a company is simply individuals who come together to achieve more than we can on our own. We value belonging to something we believe in with people we trust and rely on. Our team is enriching because I know we can’t achieve everything we achieve withouteach individual playing their part– proven by calls like we had this morning. That’s a powerful thought.

We valueRespect– when challenging, working within a team, being passionate, being different, we always do this with respect to each other and all that we work with.Respect – combining common decency, thoughtfulness and consideration are central to our valuesand make TCN the awesome entity that it is.

Sowith a great team and everyone having confidence to challenge, try things, ask the stupid question, suggest the crazy idea what is it that we are here for? 

We want to regenerate unloved buildings, create surprising places and manage vibrant communities. Because through doing this day in day out, whether it be on our existing portfolio or finding new ones to add to our stable, we cancreate places which enable business growth and positive change.

When I look at our Core Purpose, it means how do we own and run these buildings in a way to provide cost effective, stand out space which delivers what companies and people really want. Not gimmicks, not expensive luxuries, not hype, just fascinating buildings in great locations which give companies a platform to do their thing in a community of like minded folk.Even more relevant as we come out of lockdown andcompanies focus on what they really need to succeed.

The only way we achieve this is through being smart, constantly curious as to what people want and how we can deliver it better, being honest about what we offer and doing it consistently for the long term.

We are on a journey and with an awesome team, strongvalues anda clearsense of purpose we will continue to enjoy that journey and make positive change over this year, the next and for many years beyond that.

Richard Pearce, CEO