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Purpose vs Pressure

September 8th, 2020

Here at TCNwe prideourselveson having a clear, enduring purpose with a vision tomatch.We want to create places which enable business growth and positive change. We are determined that this can be achieved at the same time as making a profit. Why shouldn’t all parties gain in what we do? 

Of course,times like now test your purpose to the core asconcerns grow overbusiness viability andfinancial difficulties.It becomes very hard to see beyond the immediate financial pressures and keep your purpose at the heart of decision making. 

I lost my father in the Summer and in a funny way this has helped keep the perspective ofwhat I am dubbing “Purpose versusPressure”.We grew up on the Suffolk coast and Dad was at the heart of the community. I won’t list all his activities here, butsuffice to say for 30 years he was involved with all aspects of thecommunity from the Church, the Sailing Club, the Riverside Committee, CAB, Town Trustetc.  

After his death, the loss has been felt well beyond the familyhe was thego-to man in the community and the bridge between everyone and every interest. Modest, considered,and with the best interests of the community at his heart, a whole community is reeling from his loss and the void that has been left.  

As the letters pour in and his variouscommittees write of the loss they feel, thisreminds metokeep purpose at the forefrontand not allow decisionsbesolely driven by short term financial factors. 

Don’t worry Dad,Sailing remains at the forefront too!

Richard Pearce, CEO