• Bath – Bath Quays South
  • Workspace
  • 33,000 sq ft
  • Freehold Ownership
  • Acquired 2021
TCN UK Buy Camden Mill and Bayer Building

Next door to our development at Newark Works sit these beautiful riverside buildings. We’ve been active in Bath for 10 years, a mere blip in time in these parts, and have loved every minute of it. The community, creative depth, innovation, education and determination to move forward make it a place where businesses thrive.

The only problem? The Georgians. They’ve dominated over the years around here, although no one can argue with the beautiful architecture and city that they have created. Apart, that is, from the modern day creatives and entrepreneurs who long for some raw industrial vibe, like only the Victorians knew how to do.

These buildings join our creative cluster at Bath Quays and our vision is to manage the area in a coherent, exciting way to engender business growth and positive change. Both buildings are occupied by Buro Happold, another Bath legend, and we will work with them and all the companies across our Bath community in ensuring great workspace in one of the worlds finest locations. All thanks to the Georgians, the Victorians and in the teeniest, weeniest way, TCN!


TCN UK Buy Camden Mill and Bayer Building