Tesco Development
  • Retail Development
  • 75,000 sq. ft.
  • Joint Venture with Rotherham Council
  • Acquired 2007
“TCN persevered through the challenges to produce a fantastic building on time and on budget. From initial land assembly, navigation through the planning process and overseeing of the development, the team delivered at every stage.”
Osprey Equity Partners, Development Funding Partner

We here at TCN like to think BIG! So when the opportunity came to redevelop a 5 acre square site in the heart of Rotherham, we leapt at the chance to embark on a joint venture with the local council to move a first generation Tesco store into this vast, convenient space positively brimming with potential.


Tesco were quick to see the opportunity on offer too and agreed a 30 year lease, enabling us to engineer a major redevelopment of the site. Along with the new store, the development included wider regeneration works such as new road junctions, streetscapes and a smart, pedestrian-focused approach.


Following our investment of £29 million, the project was forward sold for £37.5 million. With the overall profit exceeding £4 million, this reflected a profit on cost of 15%.  TCN managed the development throughout the process, including land acquisition, project design, planning, pre-lettings, development and sale.